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Production of alcoholic beverages in Romania

by Vlad Cuc

In order to analyze procedures and authorizations necessary for the production of alcoholic beverages should be kept in mind that the production of alcohol and ethyl alcohol containing products is framed according to the Tax Code of excisable products following the procedure established by the Tax Code and authorizing economic operators derive income from the sale of excisable products.

In order to carry out manufacturing of alcoholic beverages a Romanian company must obtain these permits :

– Authorizing sanitary operation under the affidavit of the applicant – model statement must be submitted to the registration and authorization at the Trade Register;
– Marketing authorization of economic operators that gain income from sales of food alcohol , alcoholic beverages and other products for the food industry ; authorization is issued by the DGs public finance and financial control of State County and Bucharest ;
– Integrated environmental authorization issued by the National Agency for Environmental Protection ;
– Labeling of dangerous substances ;
– Waste management and fulfillment of the obligations in terms of their recovery.

Regarding obtaining the authorizations mentioned above:

Marketing authorization for collection of the excise goods are delivered by a fee based on a request – type and the following documents:
a) the certificate of registration issued by the Trade Register ;
b ) tax registration certificate ;
c ) certificate issued by the territorial fiscal body , showing that applicants for licenses have tax obligations to the state budget.
d ) the applicant’s statement on oath , the head office, branches , subsidiaries, workstations , desks , storage stations , stores and any other places where they work and their addresses.

In order to obtain authorization for sanitary operation, the applicant shall submit to the Romanian competent authority the following documentation:
a) application signed by the owner of the activity / administrator;
b ) the design according to specific legal regulations in force;
c ) proof of payment of the sanitary permit fee , if applicable;
d ) affidavit that space for which authorization is sought is legally owned and not subject to any dispute;
e) the specific activity may request other documents proving legal requirements within the area , they will be submitted by the applicant in the evaluation stage of the lens.

Economic operators will submit a dossier to the competent authority accompanied by the following documents :
a) description of the installation and activities ;
b ) the presentation of raw and auxiliary materials and other substances , the type of energy used or generated by the installation;
c ) description of the sources of emissions from the installation;
d ) a description of the plant site ;
e ) the nature and quantities of emissions that can be discharged from the installation into each medium as well as identification of significant effects of these emissions on the environment;
f ) description of the proposed technology and other techniques for preventing or, if not possible , reducing emissions from the installation;
g ) measures to prevent waste due to plant operation and recovery , if any ;
h ) a description of the measures planned to general principles ;
i) description of the measures planned to monitor emissions into the environment;
j ) a description of alternatives considered by the operator.