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Opening a Restaurant in Romania

Opening a Restaurant in Romania

Our law firm has received quite a few requests over the last years on the procedures/permits necessary for operating a Romanian restaurant or similar catering activities in Romania. One must firstly note that in the case of creating a restaurant the formation of the company is not an issue, but the necessary permits and subsequent authorization might be quite a handful.

The article below sets out the procedure for the authorization of catering and restaurant business in Romania; this includes all units with permanent or temporary work that will display, prepare, serve and / or sell food to the final consumer. Kindly note that the description below is not

Those seeking to activate in the catering/restaurant business in Romania are required before starting the actual specific activities to seek and obtain these permits :

After authorization of the legal form (with NACE codes 5610 , 5621 , 5630 mentioned in the Articles of Incorporation ) the economic operator shall submit each folder authorization to the following institutions:

1 ) GEO 195/2005 on environmental protection;
2 ) Order no. 135/2010 approving the methodology for the application of environmental impact assessment for public and private projects ;
3 ) Order no. 1798/2007 Procedure for issuing the environmental permit .        

  • The Sanitary – Veterinary Veterinary health in order to obtain authorization, as per:

1 ) Order of the President ANSVSA no. 93 of 29 October 2008 approving the sanitary veterinary norm regarding authorization procedure Veterinary units that produce , process , store, transport and / or distributes products of animal origin
2) The order of the President ANSVSA no. 10/2008 approving the sanitary veterinary norm regarding labeling and certification of products of animal origin intended for human consumption , except for fresh meat ;
3) The order of the President ANSVSA nr.125/02.06.2006 approving Sanitary veterinary norm regarding the certification of animals and animal products ,
4 ) Order of the President ANSVSA no. 210/2006 , approving the Norms regarding the marketing of meat products.

  • Public Health in order to obtain health permits , as per:

1 ) Order 1030/2009 on the approval of the regulatory health projects location , planning , construction and operation objectives that conducts health risk for the population ;

  • Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to obtain permits and approvals fire safety necessary for the activity safely , fire safety permits are administrative documents certifying the fulfillment of the essential requirement ” fire safety ” in construction, installation and other facilities ;
  • Ministry of Tourism in order to obtain the certificate of classification of the location , as per :

1 ) Order no. 1051/03.03.2011 Methodological Norms regarding the classification certificates , licenses and patents for tourism;
2 ) Order no. 65/2013 approving the Methodological Norms regarding the issue of classification of tourist with accommodation and catering tourism licenses and patents ;

  • The National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority , to implement the HACCP food safety system, as per :

1 ) Resolution no . 924 of 11 August 2005 on the general rules for food hygiene.

  • Mayor where is located the unit in order to obtain authorization to operate and schedule catering unit .

In addition to these permits and approvals, contracts must be signed with the following organizations in order to activate as a restaurant business in Romania:

– Contract with an occupational medicine cabinet ;
– Contract with the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania ;
– Contract with pest control ;
– Contract with sanitation.

For employees who come into contact with food are needed to organize hygiene training , according to the Order MSnr.1225/2003 as amended on acquiring the fundamentals of hygiene and nr.232/4.034 Order 2004 the Minister of Health and Minister education and research on the modification and completion methodology for organizing training and certification of staff on teaching the fundamentals of hygiene , approved by Order of the Minister of Health and Minister of Education, research and Youth no . 1.225/5.031/2003.