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Lawyers in Timisoara

Through our affiliate law office in Timisoara we offer a diverse range of legal services in the area, including:

Company Formation in Timisoara

Legal Advice related to the company structure, taxation, drafting of the Articles of Association. We also offer legal assistance for the opening of a local bank account and finding an accountant after the company is formed. Our package includes a registered office in case the client does not have an available location at the time of incorporation.

Debt Collection in Timisoara

We offer legal assistance and representation for the recuperation of debts from companies headquartered in Timisoara. This includes pre-trial legal assistance, Court representation and assistance throughout the enforcement of the Court Decision.

Real Estate Purchases in Timisoara

Our legal assistance can include drafting of the sale/purchase pre-contracts or contracts, due diligence procedures for ensuring safety of the transaction as well as assistance in front of the Public Notary if requested by the client.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Law Firm will be able to offer due diligence related to M&A procedures, prepare the necessary legal documentation as well as register the company structure with the relevant Romanian authorities in Timisoara.


E&C is able to offer legal representation with commercial and civil trials taking place in Timisoara. Depending on the specifics of each case, representation can be done directly or through our affiliate lawyers in Timisoara.