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    The Romanian Law Firm Enescu & Cuc has the manpower, experience and competence to help you out with any legal issues in the areas of commercial, civil and financial law. Our Romanian attorneys also have an important experience with real estate litigations.

    E&C Law Firm in Numbers

    - practicing for over 10 years
    - clients from over 35 countries
    - assisted over 150 foreign investors expand to Romania
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  • Overview: Lawyers in Romania

    Enescu & Cuc Law Firm located in Bucharest, Romania offers legal consultancy and representation in issues of commercial, civil and business law, in an ethical and professional manner.

    Our advantage over other law firms in Romania is the professionalism of our staff, our experience working with foreigners and our belief that understanding your client's business is the most important part of the job.

  • Elite Romanian Business Lawyers

    The Romanian Law Firm E&C provides top Romanian Lawyers to an internationalized clientele.

    Major practice areas of our Law Firm include Real Estate Law, Due Diligence, Commercial Litigation, Debt Collection, Mergers and Acquisitions, Taxation. In short, our Bucharest Law Firm is able to offer on-going legal assistance in Romania for corporate and commercial clients throughout their activity in the country.

Enescu & Cuc - oriented towards foreign investors®

Updated on Friday 17th May 2019

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Elite Lawyers in Bucharest, Romania


Enescu & Cuc is a Law Firm located in Bucharest providing legal assistance to foreign investors in Romania in the areas of commercial law & litigation, real estate law, company setup or debt collection. Most of our clientele is formed of investors setting up Romanian companies or doing business with Romanian partners. We have been active on the Romanian market for over 10 years.

Over 100 Updated Articles on our Website

We believe that foreign investors should be provided with as much information as possible before making their first business decisions. Over time we have added more that 100 articles on different subjects of interest in 7 languages, from the types of available companies in Romania to the process of recuperating a debt from a Romanian company. We are also happy to interact directly with our visitors on our specialized legal blog.

Besides articles we offer numerous other sources of information for the investor looking to invest in Romania. Please see our latest Youtube video dedicated to opening a Romanian company.

Why hire Enescu & Cuc Law Firm?

Reason 1: Our Romanian lawyers have over a decade of experience serving foreign clients. We have assisted companies and persons from over 50 countries with their business in Romania, from the purchase of properties to recuperating debts in some high profile cases.

Reason 2: Our lawyers are based in Bucharest, however we can also provide legal assistance in other main Romanian cities, such as Cluj, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, Sibiu, Oradea or Galati.

Reason 3: Our Romanian attorneys are recommended by numerous international affiliates as well as embassies and consulates in Romania as trustworthy consultants. Before contracting us we would be more than happy to show some of these recommendations.

About our organization

Enescu & Cuc is a Romanian law firm, named in “Societate Civila de Avocati”. As opposed to an individual Romanian Lawyer, a SCA has at least 2 partners and can have more associates, other Romanian attorneys as employees as well as auxiliary personnel: paralegals, secretaries etc.

The partners have the statute of Romanian barristers and can represent clients throughout any stage of Court litigation, including for instance the Romanian High Court of Cassation and Justice.

About the Profession in General

If you’re searching for the services of a lawyer in Romania you need to know that this profession is considered by the law that regulates its activity an independent profession, autonomous, with its own organization in accordance with the law and professional status of a Romanian attorney. According to the law and the Statute that regulate this legal profession lawyers can function in one of these forms: Individual Romanian Lawyer, Romanian Associated Law Offices, Professional civil Law Company and the Romanian Professional limited Liability Law Firm.
In accordance with position they occupy in one of these forms of association for the exercise of their profession lawyers can be: The Lawyer holding The Individual  Private Law office, Associate lawyer in Associate Romanian Law Offices, Associate Lawyer in a Professional Civil Law Company; Associate Lawyer in a Professional Limited Liability Law Firm; The Romanian Lawyer hired as collaborator, Salaried Lawyer in profession.